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Retaining Wall Company in Sherwood

Top Retaining Wall Contractor in Sherwood, Oregon

Retaining Wall Installation Services in Sherwood

Western Paver Design and Construction retaining wall division is able to create a wide variety of custom retaining wall solutions for our customers in Sherwood. We design and build custom retaining walls in a number of sizes and colors. This division also builds and designs stone retaining walls like no other company in the Pacific Northwest! Please contact us for design ideas, and material options for your new retaining wall at [email protected] or call us at 503.994.1296 for a free estimate and formal bid.

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Concrete, Stone, Bricks, and More Retaining Wall Options

Building beautiful retaining walls in Sherwood correctly requires a specific talent. Western paver design has built hundreds of retaining walls that are sturdy, visually appealing, and also functional. We install walls correctly, and they will last for many years. WPD only installs and purchases our retaining wall materials from the top retaining wall manufacturers based here in the Pacific Northwest. Our estimators in Sherwood are trained to evaluate and recommend the correct wall height, length, and wall material best suited for your specific application. On our visit, we provide our customers with a detailed catalog of available wall block types, colors, and sizes available in our market area. Western paver design team members have years of experience and understand the correct retaining wall build process. Contact us today for details and a free estimate.

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Why You May Need a Retaining Wall in Sherwood

Retaining walls are the perfect way to enhance your Sherwood property value. Adding a garden retaining wall and customizing it to suit your needs can improve the overall aesthetics and property value. Some other reasons for adding a retaining wall are:

  • Durable and Low Maintenance
  • Extremely Functional
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Optimal Utilization of Space
  • Prevent Erosion
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Affordable Retaining Walls for Every Budget in Oregon

Although we are considered by many clients as a premium retaining wall installation contractor in Oregon, we are happy to work with a number of different budgets. From stone to concrete we use industry-leading materials to create extraordinary retaining walls. Reach out to us today to learn more about our custom retaining wall services from Sherwood Oregon’s premier contractor

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Improve Your Sherwood Backyard with a Retaining Wall

WPD creates beautiful retaining walls that are both stable and secure. Retaining walls can be used to effectively contain soil to fix a slope in place and so much more! Retaining walls can be decorative, accenting almost any garden or landscape design. Here in the Sherwood area, many of the homes are built on sloped property lots, limiting the usable space to enjoy in your backyard. We can solve this problem by designing and building beautiful, secure, and functional retaining walls with the right materials, so they perform correctly, are built for strength, and control erosion. Our retaining walls utilize some of the best materials in the industry and our experienced estimators are trained to evaluate the correct retaining wall materials for your next project in Sherwood, Oregon.

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